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Beyond the Concrete Sprawl of Sao Paulo | March 16, 2018

To the casual observer the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil may appear to be just another urban jungle ripe with crowded streets, polluted air and frenzied citizens. However, when you take a deeper look through the lenses of its passionate residents, there is much more beyond its concrete sprawl that makes it a must-see destination.

sao paulo 7

Arts Scene

From ancient Brazilian artifacts to modernist paintings and works of European masters, there are plenty of places to please the palates of art lovers.

The Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo features the largest collection of Brazilian paintings and sculptures; Museu do Ipiranga showcases furniture and historical paintings from the Brazilian Empire era; the Sao Paulo Museum of Art has one of the most important permanent collections of paintings from the French and Italian schools, as well as temporary exhibitions of contemporary works.

sao paulo 14

In addition to its numerous world-class museums, Sao Paulo is known for its colorful, eclectic and vibrant ethnic neighborhoods that are reflective of the city’s status as the most multicultural in Brazil.

Intermixed with born and bred Paulistanos are immigrants hailing from all over Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other South American countries who proudly put their respective cultural heritages on full display.

Urban street art is very common giving the city an “open air” museum vibe.


Foodie Scene

Owing to its ethnic diversity, Sao Paulo offers a wide variety of dining options and is considered to be the gastronomical capital of Latin America.

Along with regional delights such as traditional steak dishes and tapioca stuffed with dulce de leche, foodies will enjoy the tastes of Italian pizza and Japanese sushi. Of note, there are over 6,000 pizzerias across the city and over 600 restaurants serving Japanese cuisine.


Nightlife Scene

Rivaling the likes of New York and Tokyo, Sao Paulo comes to life at night. Be it live theatre or cinema, a concert, or bar-hopping and dancing, opportunities to be entertained around the clock abound.

sao paulo 17

For those craving something a little more tame/family-friendly for a night out on the town, Ibirapuera Park has a planetarium and a fountain water show.


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