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Racing Through Indianapolis on Foot | February 28, 2018

While it’s mostly known for the annual Indy 500 motorsport event, the city of Indianapolis, Indiana has some other interesting claims to fame that are best discovered racing around on foot versus fast cars.

indianapolis 1

White River State Park

Encompassing 250 acres in the heart of downtown, White River State Park contains multiple attractions on both sides of the river. To the north is a scenic walkway and  White River Gardens that is part of the Indianapolis Zoo; to the south is the Central Canal and series of museums that stretch along 1.5 miles through the inner city.

Butterfly Bonanza

Featuring 40 species of butterflies flitting and floating about as they please, the indoor section of White River Gardens is the place to see the daily dispatch of hundreds of new butterflies.  The eye-catching exterior is just a hint of what to expect inside.

indianapolis 2

NCAA Hall of Champions

There are 24 sports played at the collegiate level in the United States and the heroics of individual student athletes and teams are celebrated in the Hall of Champions. The main floor area is called Arena and includes team rankings and school artifacts. The second floor area is called Play and is an interactive area offering both virtual and hands-on opportunities to shoot some hoops in a gymnasium or hit the slopes on a ski simulator.

JW Marriott “Big Blue”

One of the most recognizable buildings in Indianapolis is the JW Marriott Hotel, also known as “Big Blue” for its bright, bold exterior of blue tinted glass. The hotel is connected to the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium via an enclosed sky-walk bridge, and is across the street from White River State Park making it one of the most desirable places to stay at in the city.

Lucas Oil Stadium

Fans of NFL football will want to check out Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts. In addition to its retractable roof and stellar views of the city skyline, the stadium has an impressive Pro Shop and is also just minutes away from other downtown attractions.

indianapolis 4

Monuments & Memorials

As state capitals go, Indianapolis has its fair share of government buildings and stoic statues of famed political leaders. What is interesting to note is that aside from Washington, DC, Indianapolis has more monuments and memorials than any other city.

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument honors all veterans who served in wars prior to World War I. It stands 284 feet tall and is located in Monument Circle in the heart of downtown. An observation deck at 275 feet provides a 360 degree view of the skyline.

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