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Every Day is a G’Day in the Cities Down Under | April 2, 2013

australia 1

Crikey, there sure is A LOT to see and do in Australia! Best be on my way and ‘hop’ to it!

Ah, Australia!

What’s not to love about this country/continent dual entity where natural wonders abound on land and sea, and one glorious city after another populates its coastlines?

Indeed, the stomping grounds of koalas, kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee is also renowned for its world-class metropolitan centres where wildlife and people are learning to live in peaceful co-existence.

From the cricket grounds in Melbourne to the coral reefs in Cairns, to Sydney’s iconic Opera House and Brisbane’s famous Australia Zoo, there is much to explore (and enjoy!) in this corner of the world.

Melbourne – The Culture Capital of Australia

As the birthplace of the Australian film and television industries, Melbourne also lays claim to the place where Australian rules football, the Heidelberg School of Australian Impressionism, and the Melbourne Shuffle and New Vogue modern dance styles came to be.

The city’s creative energy is palpable and is especially evident in the network of laneways, alleys and arcades that make up the central business district. At Centre Place, for example, patrons are treated to an array of shops, restaurants and bars that are enhanced by the unique street art/graffiti showcased in this district.

australia 2

Melbourne is a cultural hot spot where you can wine, dine and enjoy all things mighty fine.

Sydney – History, Harbour, and Hinterland

Established by the British in 1788 as a penal colony, Sydney has come a long way from being a barren wasteland for criminals to waste away in. Back then people were not clamouring to Australia’s first port of call, but nowadays the city ranks as one of the country’s top tourist destinations, and a “long stay” in Sydney is definitely not a bad thing!

Even if you’re not a fan of the arts or the water, a trip to the harbour is a must to see the highly unusual designs of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. These iconic structures have contributed to the city’s reputation as a world-class arts, entertainment and architectural centre.

Equally awe-inspiring is Sydney’s hinterland region that is blanketed with national parks, and its coastal region famous for attracting the world’s best surfers to ride the waves at Bondi Beach. In particular, the “Backpackers’ Express” is a notorious stretch of rip current located along the beach’s southern side that continues to draw visitors to its shores despite its high hazard rating.

australia 3

From penal colony to one of the world’s most visited cities, Sydney has come a long way, mate!

Brisbane – Home of Kangaroo Point Cliffs and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Australia’s “New World City” offers up the thrills of outdoor pursuits in the heart of its central business district. Adventures are many to be had along the Brisbane River, where tour boats, kayaks and beach balls are perfectly at home alongside city streets and skyscrapers.

Thrill-seekers will relish in the opportunity to cascade down Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Brisbane’s 20 million year old natural wonder that also is a great city vantage point.

Meanwhile, wildlife lovers will delight in the chance to cuddle up close with koalas and other species native to Australia at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. This haven for abandoned and misplaced animals allows visitors to hand feed kangaroos, wallabies and lorikeets, and photo ops are a plenty holding your favourite homegrown creature.

australia 4

More than business is conducted along the shores of the Brisbane River…it’s also a place for outdoor fun!

Cairns – Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

The locals “Love It!” and you will, too!

With its tropical climate and close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, the north-eastern based city of Cairns is a mecca for tourists who enjoy a host of marine activities above and below the surface.

From sailing to scuba diving and snorkeling, whatever your favourite water pursuit you’ll find ample opportunities to splash about in nearby inlets and bays, as well as further offshore in the Coral Sea.

australia 5

The Great Barrier Reef is a marvel of colour, texture and exotic marine life. It’s beautiful from above and below!

Sing a Happy Song for Australia

When it comes to singing the praises of Australia, there’s really no end to the chorus of happy refrains about its vast beauty and endless wonders. So, grab your mates and get ready to have a “Waltzing Matilda” good time and “Advance Australia Fair” for every day is a g’day when you’re in the land down under!

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