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Thinking Vertical in Hong Kong | March 14, 2013

hong-kong 3

Hong Kong Harbour is spectacular ANY time of day!

Not unlike other large urban centres in SE Asia, Hong Kong has a definite space problem! As one of the world’s most densely populated areas, it boggles the mind how seven million people are able to function and thrive in only 426 square miles of total land mass. And thrive they do!

Indeed, it is a testament to the ingenious minds of city planners to think ‘vertical’ and build a highly efficient transportation system that has resulted in numerous accolades being heaped on Hong Kong. Here are just a few:

  • World’s Most Vertical City
  • World’s Highest Public Transportation Usage
  • World’s Longest Life Expectancy

Regardless of the space challenges, another thing working strongly in Hong Kong’s favour is the exotic blend of its ancient Eastern Chinese roots that complements the modern Western influences of being a British colony for many years.

East truly meets West in the best sense of this concept and is fully operational in Hong Kong’s vibrant financial district where corporations and entrepreneurs alike enjoy the fruits of free trade, low taxation, and a strong currency.

Hong Kong’s culture and entertainment scenes also reflect a desire to pay homage to traditional Chinese practices that is balanced with the desire to progress modern aspects of society.

What this equates to is a very unique and dynamic city vibe that emanates from the depths of the inner harbour straight to the top of Hong Kong’s tallest buildings. One can only hope the positive energy rubs off on and sticks with visitors!

hong-kong 2

The Tian Tan Buddha or Big Buddha statue is located on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island.

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