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Milan’s Perfect Blend of High Renaissance Art and High-Fashion Design | February 28, 2013

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The Duomo di Milano is one of the world’s largest and most beautiful Gothic-style churches.

The Cathedral may be one of Milan’s most visited tourist sites but at this time of year the star attraction is not high renaissance art; it’s the high-fashion design scene at Milan Fashion Week.

Fashionistas of the World Unite

From perennial favourites Karl Lagerfeld and Donatello Versace to newer names such as Veronica Etro, the who’s who of the high-fashion world clamor every year to Italy’s most populous region to reveal their upcoming spring lines. And what a perfect setting to show-off their stuff in!

Art, Art, and More Art

Chock-full of architectural wonders, masterpiece paintings, and elaborate sculptures, it is hard not to be inspired by this beautiful northern Italian city. Little wonder that Leonardo da Vinci was drawn to its charms (he lived in Milan from 1482-1499) and completed some of his best known works, including The Last Supper and Virgin of the Rocks while in the employ of the Duke of Milan.

Some 600+ years later, the city still boasts the feel and charm of the prolific Renaissance period, but now offers a more modern and edgy twist.

Make Way for Modernity

The Pirelli Tower is one of the city’s most unique skyscrapers, noted for its slim design and lofty height that surpasses the Cathedral. Another skyscraper of note is the Velasca Tower that is a 20th century interpretation of a medieval watchtower.

milan 4

Capping off the city’s transformation to the modern era is the illustrious Fashion District where tourists, haute couture designers, and Milan’s bevy of “beautiful people” intermingle in a state of pure shopping bliss. While not everyone can afford to drop a pay cheque for a scarf or purse, it doesn’t cost a thing to do a little window shopping – and many can’t resist the chance to do just that!

Whether marvelling at its historic art or revelling in its contemporary glory, Milan surely offers the best of both worlds…Andiabo!

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