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Rocking it out in Rio de Janeiro | January 31, 2013

rio 4

Talk about a crowd…Rio’s annual Carnival celebration is the largest and most widely attended in the world.

The city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil conjures up many images, and at this time of year nothing is more top of mind than the upcoming Carnival festival season. The start of Carnival is eagerly anticipated for it means that days on end of uninhibited fun “rocking it out” in the streets is in store.

Dubbed by locals as “The Greatest Show on Earth,” the festival is a hallmark of Brazilian culture, with the Samba School parade being a key highlight. Filled with a seemingly unending array of elaborate floats, exotic costumes, and energizing music — all equally tantalizing — Carnival is probably best known for this visually stunning and vibrant display!

The parade primarily showcases the talents of regional Samba School performers, but anyone can pay an entrance fee to don a costume and shake their Samba booty along the world-famous Sambodromo exhibit space. And pay they do! It is not uncommon to see local TV/movie personalities sauntering side-by-side with adventurous tourists, both fully decked out in sequins and showing off what their momma’s gave them!

Without question, Carnival is one of Rio de Janeiro’s greatest attractions, but there are many more things to marvel at.

Observe Exhibit A below:

rio 3

It is little wonder that Rio de Janeiro is known as the ‘Marvelous City!’

From the towering Christ the Redeemer statue to the scenic tram ride up to Sugarloaf Mountain, to the raucous Maracana Stadium and the historic Copacabana Beach district, Rio de Janeiro serves up one delightful sight after another. And there will likely be a host of new attractions to take in over the next few years as the city prepares to host major events such as World Youth Day in 2013, the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Clearly, Rio de Janeiro’s nickname — Cidade Maravilhosa or ‘Marvelous City’ — is highly fitting and with millions of visitors descending to this South American hot spot every year, the numbers surely attest to the validity of the designation.

rio 2

Trazer em Rio (Bring on Rio)!

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