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Shanghai Surprise | January 10, 2013


shanghai 8

Shanghai’s concrete jungle is transformed into a kaleidoscope of brilliant colours at night.

With its extensive waterways and magnificent Lujiazui skyline featuring some of the tallest and most unique buildings, little wonder the city of Shanghai, China is a popular destination point in SE Asia.

Not only does the city attract throngs of tourists year in and year out, it is also a haven for Hollywood movie producers eager to film their action-packed blockbusters in an exotic, dynamic and economic-friendly location. In the last 10+ years alone, the city has been featured as a setting in over 20 major motion pictures, among them the likes of Skyfall, Looper, Mission Impossible III, Transformers, and the Fantastic Four.

Other points of interest include: The Bund, a waterfront district offering an eclectic mix of European-inspired architectural styles, and the Oriental Pearl Tower, a 1,535 foot tall radio and TV tower complete with five observation decks.

Described as the “showpiece” of mainland China, Shanghai is a global city to be reckoned with and is definitely one port in the Far East that beckons me to explore.

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