Big City Tales

The Miami / South Beach Experience | July 17, 2012

The Freedom Tower in Miami – a safe haven and refuge for exiles fleeing Communist Cuba in the 1950s.

Islands and causeways collide,
making for a magical musical ride.

The famous white mansion where Scarface met his demise and, ultimately, his maker!

Neon lights aglow put on quite a show,
a kaleidoscope of colours explode wherever you go.

South Beach’s Art Deco style at its finest…what a cheery building to work at!

Biscayne Bay beckons with wide-open arms;
vessels of all shapes and sizes add to its charm.

Boat ride, anyone?

The Port of Miami sends cruise ships on their way…
off to exotic ports of call for many a day.

Miami is the cruise ship capital of the world.

The rich and the famous flaunt homes of excess,
leaving little doubt of their financial success.

What Viagra money buys…

Money flows freely from morning to night…
The “come as you are” party scene in South Beach is quite a sight!

Welcome to South Beach (a.k.a. SoBe)!

Ocean Drive stretches through the heart of the Art Deco scene;
it is the ideal place to be if you want to be seen.

The site of “Nick’s Bar” from Casablanca…Play it again, Sam!

Lincoln Road draws its fair share of people traffic,
designer shops and five-star restaurants cast a spell of enticing magic.

The Lincoln Road outdoor mall bustles from dawn ’til dusk.

Where palm trees sway in sun-filled days
of happy vacationers passing the time away.

Hotel Row along Collins Avenue.

White sandy beaches meld seamlessly into bright blue skies…
EVERY day in south Florida is a wonderful surprise!

Life is a beach!

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